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english Twain essay - Peter Bean English Comp 2 3/25/06...

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1 Peter Bean English Comp 2 3/25/06 Susan Blake Twain Vs. Plessy Around the time of 1890 in the United States there were many important things happening that would shape our nations history. This country was steadily rebuilding from a civil war and people were starting to see the future for their country. The slaves had been freed and the white southerner had to pay a wage to his farmhands. There were many great interests in science and in English literature at this time and many great authors and poets. Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) was one of the leaders in this surge of the expression of the English language. Twain loved the idea of exploring the modern sciences and learning new methods and techniques. One of these new sciences that Twain loved was fingerprinting which he included in his novels. He also loved to include his views and beliefs on modern issues in his literature. This leads me on to talk about the problem with race and mixed races and how they were dealing with this problem. The case of Plessy Vs. Furguson in 1890 was a very major indication that African Americans will still not be treated the same as white people. Homer Adolph Plessy was born as a free man in Louisiana in 1862. Plessy had both Caucasian and African family
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ancestors. Just looking at Plessy’s appearance and not at his family history you would find him to be a 100% Caucasian male but he was really 1/8 African American and 7/8 Caucasian. Plessy
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english Twain essay - Peter Bean English Comp 2 3/25/06...

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