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Liberal Studies Courses - 2007-2008 Approved Liberal...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007-2008 Approved Liberal Studies Distribution ListCollegeDepartment Course #TitleDistribution Credits Cross ListingCALSAIS100Introduction to American Indian Studies I: Indigenous North America to 1890CA3CALSAIS101Introduction to American Indian Studies II: Contemporary Issues in Indigenous North AmericaCA3CALSAIS340Contested Terrain: HawaiiCA3SOC 342CALSALS477Environmental Stewardship in the Cornell Community IICA2-4ASAM ST316The American Presidency CA4GOVT 316ASANTHR100Ancient Peoples and Places CA3ARKEO 100ASANTHR101Human Evolution: Genes, Behavior, and the Fossil Record CA3ASANTHR102The Comparison fo CulturesCA3ASANTHR228Slavery and Human TraffickingCAASANTHR232Media, Culture, and SocietyCA3ASANTHR315Art in the Modern WorldCAAAPARCH100CAAAPARCH130An Introduction to Architecture: LecturesCAAAPARCH338Special Topics in the Theory of Architecture ICA3AAPARCH342Architecture as a Cultural System CA3(also ARCH 542[5402])ASARKEO100Ancient Peoples and PlacesCA3ANTHR 100ASARKEO203Early People: The Archaeological and Fossil RecordCA3ANTHR 203AAPART214Art and the Multicultural ExperienceCA3AAPART273Computer AnimationCA4CIS 565ASART H200Art, Archaeology, and AnalysisCAGeol 200, Arkeo 285, Phys 200ASASIAN279Chinese MythologyCA3ASASIAN282Japanese Animation and New Media CAASASIAN304CAASASIAN408CAASASTRO101The Nature of the UniverseCA3ASASTRO201Our Home in the UniverseCA3ASASTRO280Space ExplorationCA3ASASTRO299Search for Life in the UniverseCA4BIO G207CAHIST 207BIOSM367SEA Introduction to Maritime StudiesCA3110/25/2007 AMC2007-2008 Approved Liberal Studies Distribution ListCollegeDepartment Course #TitleDistribution Credits Cross ListingCALSCOMM120Contemporary Mass Communication CACALSCOMM201Oral Communication (D)CA3ASCOMM260Scientific Writing for Public InformationCA3CALSCOMM345HumanÐComputer Interaction Design CA3(also INFO 345[3450]) CALSCOMM428Communication LawCA3CALSCOMM494Special Topics in Communication CA1-3AAPCRP657Real Estate LawCA3ASECON102Introductory Macroeconomics CA3ASECON314Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory CA4ASECON322World Economic History CA4CALSEDUC151CACALSEDUC212Psychological Foundations of EducationCA3ENGRENGRG198Introduction to the Electronic RevolutionCA3ECE 198ASFILM326Japanese Cinema and the City CAASIAN 315ASGERST200Germany: Intercultural Context CA3ASGERST282CAASGERST330Political Theory and Cinema CA4also COM L 330, GOVT 370, FILM 329ASGERST342Words and Music CA4Music 314ASGOVT111Introduction to American Government and Politics CA3ASGOVT499-65Undergraduate Independent StudyCA1-4HAH ADM339Wine in Culture and HistoryCA2HAH ADM436Wine in History and CultureCAHAH ADM439Wines in Culture and HistoryCAHEHD384Gender and Sexual Minorities CA3FGSS 385HEHE470Multicultural Issues in Urban AffairsCA4ASHINDI300Directed StudiesCA1-4ASHIST297Politics, Culture, and Society in Early Modern Europe, 1450Ð1789 CA4ASJAPAN403Advanced Japanese Reading CA4ASJWST262Daily Life in the Biblical World CA3ARKEO 260, NES 262, and RELST 261CALSLA140NY States Landscape Architecture...
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Liberal Studies Courses - 2007-2008 Approved Liberal...

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