CC Essay - Comp 1120 Section ¾ Comparison Contrast Essay...

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Unformatted text preview: Comp 1120 Section ¾ Comparison Contrast Essay Who Should Be Included in the DNA Database? The process for advancing technology in crime solving has proven to be difficult at times. Proposals have been made in order to create safer communities, but what happens when possible solutions to crime also lead to legal violations? A national DNA database is one of these advancements that are currently in debate. DNA evidence has proven itself to be very useful over the years, and the United Kingdom has improved their rate of crimes solved due to use of a database. But, in the United States, there are civil liberties that are well cherished, and a national DNA database may interfere. While this advancement would be very beneficial for investigations in the United States, it must be decided who should be included to prevent as many violations as possible. So, should all citizens be included or only the criminals? After understanding the benefits, possible violations, and willingness of both subjects, the more reasonable decision would be to include only criminals at this time. Whether including only criminals or everyone in a national DNA database, public safety can be greatly improved. An important group to keep an eye on while looking for ways to improve safety would be those who have been proven of committing crimes. In many cases, it is true that a significant percentage of those who have committed a crime in the past are likely to do so again. For example, a study included in the article "Two Types of Juvenile Restitution Programs in Two Midwestern Counties: A Comparative Study” by Sudipto Roy, a criminology professor at...
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CC Essay - Comp 1120 Section ¾ Comparison Contrast Essay...

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