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Short Paper 1 - Global Issues Application Short Paper Since...

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Global Issues Application Short Paper Since the beginning of human life, population has been increasing. Today, the increase is moving quite rapidly, and enough to become a global issue. The world will see an addition of billions more in the future. How would a larger population affect the planet, and how can upcoming issues be dealt with? Not only could there be overcrowding in some regions, but issues such as climate change, resource management, and biodiversity loss could continue to worsen. It is obvious to many that the world’s climate is changing. Unfortunately, not everyone has come to terms with this issue. With prominent signs all around the world, it makes one think many who do not concern themselves with climate change are simply in denial. Maybe these people are afraid of a change in their lifestyles by being more efficient. As population continues to grow, there will be more emitters of green house gases. This means more fuel burned for transportation and more emissions from factories due to their growing demands. There are alternatives to the fuels we commonly use today that could quickly change emissions. Energy can be made by solar panels, wind turbines, and nuclear plants, but most people seem to be addicted to oil. Also, there are negatives of some of the alternatives. The negatives of solar and wind power are that the devices to convert the energy would take up too much space, which could be much needed as population increases, and of course, they depend on uncontrollable forces such as sunlight or wind. Nuclear power plants on the other hand would not need much
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Short Paper 1 - Global Issues Application Short Paper Since...

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