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Presuppositions of the Bible

Presuppositions of the Bible - Two Crucial dimensions to...

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Presuppositions of the Bible -The Bible is divine, yet it has come to us in human form (always subject to corruption) -The Divine Message must be clear, yet many passages seem ambiguous -We are dependant upon the Holy Spirit for instruction, but scholarship is necessary -The Scriptures seem to presuppose a literal and historical reading, yet we are also confronted by figurative and non-historical readings -Proper interpretation requires the interpreter’s personal freedom, yet some degree of external, corporate authority appears imperative -The objectivity of the Biblical passage is essential; yet out presuppositions seem to inject a degree of subjectivity into the interpretive process Is it possible for straightforward communication not to be so straightforward? -Is interpretation art or science ? -No one interprets in a vacuum.
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Unformatted text preview: Two Crucial dimensions to interpretation 1) An analytical methodology for deciphering what the text is about 2) A means of assessing and accounting for our present situation as we engage in the interpretive process-The Bible was not written for us today. It has applicability to today, but it was written for a different people and a different time. Some Challenges-Chronological Distance-Cultural Distance-Geographical Distance-Language Distance Eternal Relevance- Fee and Stuart-Believers must not ignore the insights that accurate and precise critical methods bring, for Christians are committed to the truth! Wrapping Up-To discern God’s message-To avoid or dispel misconceptions or erroneous perspectives and conclusions about the Bible-To be able to apply the Bible’s message to our lives...
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