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The Anonymous Christian and Christology Robert J. Schreiter In this article, Scheiter attacks the theory of the 'anonymous Christian': "a well reasoned attempt to bring together imaginatively the doctrine. .. of God with the contingencies of. .. the church." in effect, this accounts for those who have not aurally heard the word of our God. It basically claims that these types of people have a unique and special relationship with God. instead of flowing with this, Schreiter proposes a new idea: that we integrate these clusters into the body of Christ we know to at least help them know better the God that they serve. also, he wants to expand on the salvation issues that this theory does not satiate. lastly, he wants to, in effect, outline these groups so that we can eventually gain perspective on this issue. He lists the themes and issues of this
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Unformatted text preview: theory: 1) the universal salvific 2) creation redemption theology 3) Christianity and the church 4) Christ, Christology, and Soteriology 5) culture. He then goes on to explain that there are but three things that we can do to improve and reinvent the anonymous Christian: more Christologically explicit or balanced, a deeper, more faithful root in biblical traditions, and a greater cross cultural sensitivity. He wraps up this article by showing us how these things will plunge us deeper into the wisdom we preach as the children of God. Other articles in this issue: MissiologyWhats it all about?The Editor, God and the Gods: Reviewing the Biblical RootsRichard R. De Ridder, The Limits of Indigenization in TheologyCharles R. Taber, Theologies of Liberation: Recent TranslationsMichael C. Reilly...
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