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Revised 1-30-08 ENGRG 235 CAREER DEVELOPMENT IN ENGINEERING Calendar for Activities & Assignments Spring 2008 320 Hollister Hall COURSE OUTLINE #1. Tuesday 1/22 Orientation and Course overview •Complete Personal Profile •Introductions-Ask about “dream job” or what they wanted to be when they were younger •Students’ course interest- •Course overview and requirements- (review handouts to describe uses) (JB) •Career Attitude Checklist” and Career Myths – (MS) – CB to prepare materials •Career Guide and Career planning process- (CB) Handouts: Course syllabus Career Services Spring Events Calendar (CB) Cornell Career Guide Career Development theories (Roe, Ginzberg, Super) Instructions for completing Strong Interest Inventory Assignments: • Sign in onto Blackboard for ENGRC 235 course ASAP (JB) • Read Career Development Theory handouts and be prepared to discuss their relevance to your career development (Due 1/29) •Complete Strong Interest Inventory online (Due 2/5) CAREER DEVELOPMENT: A THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK #2 Tuesday 1/29 (MS) Career Development Theories •Discuss career development theories- MS Students should be prepared to discuss how each theory may or may not apply to them. •Holland Theory- (CB) -Party exercise -Students to identify theme codes that best relate to themselves and explain what in their background brings them to that conclusion. •Intro to Strengths Finder (CB) Due Today: -Readings on Career Theories (assigned 1/22) -Sign onto Blackboard Handouts: Checklists- Work Values, What do I Value in Life Holland career theory materials (CB to update) Assignments: •Write a short paragraph on how you think each theory discussed in class applies, or does not apply to you and your career development. 4 paragraphs. (Due 2/5) •Complete Work Values, What do I Value in Life, and prioritize. At the end of each list, identify the 5 most important and 5 least important values and traits as you see it at the present time. Bring to
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class to discuss (Due 2/5) •Take online assessment the Strengths Finder once you get email from Claire with instructions (Due 3/4) UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF #3. Tuesday 2/5 (MS) Values Clarification Discussion on values and determining them Classroom activity Discuss completed Values Handouts Due today: -Completed handouts on Work Values and What do I Value in Life (assigned1/29)
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