Worksheet #3 - Matt Harris 700084216 MIBS: Michelson 3/5/08...

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Matt Harris 1 700084216 MIBS: Michelson 3/5/08 Worksheet #3 Similarities (-) Divergences (::) -All women conceived because God intervened In all 4 stories, the women conceived a child because of some divine intervention, or divine prophecy. -Isaac, Samson, John the Baptist, Samuel, and Jesus were all revealed in a covenant with God In all 4 of these stories, a covenant with God was established with the family on account of the child being born. The child is often born into God’s service. ::For Isaac, this prophecy was a fulfillment of an earlier covenant that God had with Abraham. ::Samuel was born because of fervent prayer and a covenant with Hannah that Samuel would be given unto the Lord. ::For Samson, his covenant must be fulfilled through the mother’s purity (not drinking, not eating unclean food) and Samson’s not cutting his hair. ::For John, his covenant was to be fulfilled in his ministry/prophecy and his future presentation and declaration of Christ. ::For Jesus, his prophecy had to be fulfilled through his Messiaship -Samuel, Samson, Jesus, and Isaac’s births were preceded or followed by an offering to God In each of these narratives, an offering or praise is lifted unto God in return for the child that the mother/family has been given. ::Abraham sacrificed an offering for the 3 men who were traveling ::Menoah sacrificed an offering to the Lord because of the man’s (angel’s) prophecy. ::A sacrifice was given unto God when Samuel was weaned.
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Worksheet #3 - Matt Harris 700084216 MIBS: Michelson 3/5/08...

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