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--Trinity-- -Creation/Salvation Link- Imago Dei We are very relational Violation of Shalom God creates a space for us Incarnation We go wandering/lose Satisfy OBJ/SUBJ Atonement these space God makes a new space God saves from in order to save for. Being saved is to have the obstacles between you and shalom with God removed. The flood is an example of this. God ‘uncreates’ the world through the flood, but finds favor in Adam. Therefore, He makes for Adam a ‘new space’. In the flood, God didn’t change people. Rather, God changes how he deals with people. Also, The Exodus is a great example of this. The salvation in Egypt is not merely for the sake of salvation.
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Unformatted text preview: They are being saved for the sole purpose of worshipping God. God separates the waters from the waters and they walk across on dry land. GOD MAKES A SPACE FOR THEM! This encounter echoes creation. Later, God makes them a space called the Promised Land. Because the people of God do not try to take over the space promised them, God makes them --wander--. The Exile is also important to this idea. Pre Exile, the Israelites were keeping up with sacrifices, atonements, etc., but they do not maintain this relationship with God. They aren’t being what God has asked them to be. And even in the midst of all these right religious acts, God exiles them....
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