Methods Worksheet 4

Methods Worksheet 4 - Matt Harris 700084216 MIBS:Michelson...

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Matt Harris 1 700084216 MIBS:Michelson 3/25/08 Methods Worksheet #4 3. A. What are some approximate dates for the Red Sea event, the writing of the book of Exodus, and the writing of Nehemiah? -The earliest manuscripts we have for the Exodus account are from 1000 B.C. 1 -According to the Anchor Bible Dictionary the time of the Red Sea event can be narrowed to 1279-1209 B.C. -Nehemiah was written between 420 and 400 B.C. 2 3. B. What is the immediate setting in which the Red Sea story told in Exodus 15:1-21 and Nehemiah 9? The Red Sea story’s setting in Exodus 15:1-21 is right after the Red Sea. They had just been freed from their captivity in Egypt and were grateful to God for delivering them. The mention of the Red Sea in Nehemiah 9 is in a prayer of thankfulness to God while the Levites were confessing their sins. They mention this incident as the moment God made a name for Himself in the world. 3. C. What is the mood, style, and purpose of the person or persons telling the Red Sea story in the five passages? Exodus 14:19-31 This passage is the narrative of God, through Moses, parting the Red Sea. This passage gives the miraculous account that all of the following verses will use to affirm and glorify God. Exodus 15:1-21 This is a kind of psalm or song of thanks to God for the Israelite’s deliverance from bondage in Egypt. Moses and the Israelites sang this song to God after He parted the Red
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Methods Worksheet 4 - Matt Harris 700084216 MIBS:Michelson...

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