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When I saw the original post for this assignment, I was worried. I couldn’t really think of anything truly worthwhile to do that would last 5 hours. Well, I never really came up with something, but I did take part in 2 things that added up to 5 hours. I took part in the African Tea Party that took place on campus here in the commons. This event was primarily to raise campus awareness to the AIDS crisis in Africa. While I didn’t necessarily help set up for anything, I did play the worship service for that. In keeping with the theme, our band unplugged and I played a Djembe (an African hand drum) for the night for 2 ½ hours. It was frightening to learn that there are many children that die every day from AIDS, let alone women and men. In a lot of these cases, the children have no choice but to be born into this awful condition of life. It is definitely a reality check any time I get exposed to these terrors that take place daily. It hurts my heart that some of these men and women wont get a fair chance to know Christ.
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Unformatted text preview: All this people know is pain: pain in life, pain in death, and pain after death. At the very least, we can provide them life after death, but if we try, if we pursue them as Christ pursued (and pursues) us, we can do more for them than we or they ever thought possible. The other Missions Promotion event I took part in was a Missions booth set up in the commons. We handed out fliers with many missions promotion websites as well as personal missionary websites. I spent another 2 ½ hours at the booth passing out fliers and trying to promote missions and missionaries. We talked to people about the necessity of missions and it’s importance to Nazarene ministry. Both things were important and both things helped open my eyes to some things I had not previously known, or even more honestly, cared about. I have a deeper understanding now of missions and the impact that it will have in future generations....
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