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MIBS Worksheet 7 - Matt Harris 700084216 MIBS:Michelson...

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Matt Harris 1 700084216 MIBS:Michelson 4/15/08 Worksheet 7 2 a.) For whom was the gospel of Luke and Acts written? Were these books written for the Jewish readers? Gentiles? Rich? Poor? Mixed? What can we know about Like’s target audience from things that Luke says in his Gospel and in Acts? Luke and Acts were written to assure Theophilus that the church in that time period’s teachings and preaching were rooted in the period of Jesus. It is considered a “work of edification.” Luke wrote his gospel primarily to the middle and upper class gentile Greeks and Christians who needed a more satisfied faith. 1 Luke knew little about the Jewish culture, so he wrote his gospel out of and for a culture that he understood. 2 2 b.) Summarize the main point of Luke 12:22-34 in a brief paragraph. This passage is primarily about the desire of material possessions. Jesus is simply correcting the disciple’s view of everyday life concerning clothing, food and drink, and other things of the like. Jesus is turning their focus beyond this easily attained condition of living day to day. In His closing, Christ brings up simple things that God takes care of, followed by a mention of Solomon, as well as a reference to the pagans, and then
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MIBS 201 taught by Professor Michelson during the Spring '08 term at Southern Nazarene.

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MIBS Worksheet 7 - Matt Harris 700084216 MIBS:Michelson...

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