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Argumentative Paper - Harris 1 Matt Harris Dr. Gina Weaver...

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Harris 1 Matt Harris Dr. Gina Weaver Composition II 12 December 2007 Hollywood and History: A Match Made in… Nowhere… Hollywood, it is a name as timeless as it’s legacy. It has given us film after film, entertaining us, captivating us, appalling us, and exciting us; but educating us? No. Hollywood does not exemplify historical accuracy in its films, television shows, and most definitely not in it’s culture. As great as Hollywood is, it has a tough time staying true to facts without obvious exaggeration. Often times, Hollywood distorts its facts to promote nationalism, additional profit, and its own agenda in general. Hollywood embraces the phrase “based on a true story” because if there is one thing Hollywood can do, it can turn even the most boring historical event into a feature film complete with a hero, a hot girl, an off beat sidekick, and a villain. As much as I complain about historical inaccuracy in Hollywood, there are reasonable and fundamental reasons that merit it’s exaggerations and amplifications. Sometimes, Hollywood sacrifices accuracy to promote nationalism in a very mild, watered down form of propaganda. Also, Hollywood’s writers love to add “facts” to preexisting histories. This is how the “based on a true story” phrases become most effective. Other times though, Hollywood will take very cut and dry historical event and purge it of most, if not all, of its accuracy and fill it with cliché storylines and stereotypical characters. While I do not argue that film is a comparable aid to history books, I do argue that Hollywood film is not. This paper will address the fallacies of Hollywood’s depiction of history from the eyes of historians, film critics, and the average everyday viewers, like myself.
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Harris 2 Take for instance, the 1995 film Braveheart . This film is the epic tale of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and their band of rag-tag Scottish militia warriors. According to the film, Wallace fell in love with Princess Isobel, wife of Prince Edward. In the movie, they concede to each other in a good minute’s worth of unnecessary artistic passion scenes. Contrary to the film, they more than likely never met, let alone made intimacies with each other. In addition to this, she certainly never saw Wallace die. While the movie was impressive, the historical value did not compete. Some Hollywood films can be used in the classroom as a supplement, but its historical
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Argumentative Paper - Harris 1 Matt Harris Dr. Gina Weaver...

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