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Shara Postle Robert M. McManus Comm. 101 25 January 2007 Goals In taking Communications 101 I hope to achieve several goals. I hope to become more confident in talking to my peers. I would like to improve the clarity of my speaking. I also hope to become more confident in talking by myself, instead of with a group of people. I have never been really confident when talking in front of my peers. I find it easier to talk to people younger or older than I. I don’t usually talk to my peers; I am a shy person and tend to stick closely to a tight group of friends. Now that I am in college and my tight group of friends have all gone their separate ways I need to develop better social skills. I found it hard first semester to talk to people which made for a hard adjustment. In the past when I did talk to or in front of my peers the clarity of my speaking was
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Unformatted text preview: not good. I would get nervous and would be hard to understand. When I’m nervous I have a tendency to talk really softly, stumble over words and even stutter some. I hope that through working for this class I will be able to improve my speaking so that other people can clearly understand what I am saying. Finally I hope to become more confident in my ability to speak with out anyone else supporting me. As a theater major speaking in front of people is an important skill for me to have. I find it easier to speak on stage when there are other people with me. I find that I can focus on them and not the audience, which makes me less nervous. I hope that through making speeches in this class I can gain confidence in myself and not need to rely on others when speaking to a large group of people....
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