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Shara Postle Sociology of Religion Dr. Taylor Essay 1 Sep. 27, 2007 Buddha and Guru Nanka as Prophets Max Weber defined prophet as “a purely individual bearer of charisma” (Weber, 439). He also states that “a prophet’s claim is based on ‘personal revelation and charisma’” (Weber, 440). This personal revelation is both by virtue and personal gifts. Prophets also have claims of definite revelations. Although prophets don’t necessarily use magic in their teaching sometimes they use magic as a means of proving that they are what they say they are. The center of their mission is doctrine or commandment. Both Buddha and Guru Nanka were prophets in their time. Both of them led followers away from their religion and created a new one while still maintaining some of the old traditions. Guru Nanka somewhat started the Sikhs. He was said to have disappeared for three days while bathing in a river. When he reappeared he said “since there is neither Hindu nor Muslim, whose path shall I follow?” I will follow God’s path. God is neither Hindu nor Muslim, and the path I follow is God’s” (Smith, 75). Nanka claimed that when he disappeared he was given a cup, and God’s blessing, and was told “this is the cup of the adoration of God’s name. Whoever remembers you will enjoy my favor Go, rejoice in my name and teach others to do so also. Let it be you calling” (Smith, 75). This was the definite revelation for him and what gave him authority to say he would follow God’s
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path. After hearing him tell of this people believed him to be a guru, which meant that they believed that God spoke through him. After his definite revelation he made himself and his followers apart from both Hindus and Muslims. But Nanka having lived in a Hindu region were Muslim invaders were in control kept some aspects of both religions.
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