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What is charisma? What is its role in the emergence of the prophet as a leader? Relationship or power one has over followers What is the relationship in myth and ritual of the priest and the laity (followers) how does it differ from the relationship between the magician and his clientele? m-why ritual works r- action to bring sacred power, ma- has power doesn’t need ritual, ma has no followers Compare and contrast Malinowski and smith on the truth of religion M-survival S-all religions take you to the same place How does a prophet differ from a priest or a magician? Pri-knows action M-has power Pro- messenger about scared+ profane What is the difference between ethical prophecy and exemplary prophecy? Et- follow rules ex- example of how to live Buddhism and Hinduism have a profound distrust of words. Field I seems to share this distrust in refusing to use the word religion. Do these two rejections have anything in common? Field i- avoid labels by labeling in our language we reduce H+B- words trick us
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