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the giving tree - isn’t satisfied with what the tree gave...

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Shara Postle Dr. Lew Klatt English 101 16 October 2006 The Giving Tree After hearing the story of “The Giving Tree” and reading various views on what the story means, what the lesson is I began to think of a story I learned in Sunday school. The story I though of was that of the prodigal son, who asks his father for his share of the inheritance. When his father willingly gives him the money he leaves his father and spends it foolishly. When the son has nothing left and he returns to his father. Upon the sons return the father does not scold him for wasting the money but welcomes him back with open arms. I began to think of this story after reading William Werpehowski’s view on “The Giving Tree”. I believe that the tree is like the father and the boy the son. When the boy
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Unformatted text preview: isn’t satisfied with what the tree gave him, the tree still welcomes him back happily. The boy is foolish wanting more and more from the tree, yet she gives willingly to make him happy. By making him happy she is happy. In the end the boy, just like the prodigal son returns, and is welcomed back, the tree is happy to discover that there is still something that she can do for the boy. I believe that ‘The Giving Tree’ does not give too much. Although the boy is foolish and somewhat greedy, she gives of herself because she loves him. Just as the father of the prodigal son forgives him when he returns after spending his inheritance....
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