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Mathematics 231 4th Hour Spring, 2008 Instructor: Tim Emerick Email: [email protected] Office Phone: 924-0899 Office: Kerchof 401 Office Hours: TBA, or by appointment. Structure: The fourth hour will typically have a simple weekly structure: Short lecture (10 minutes): not really a ʻ lecture, ʼ in the fact that we won ʼ t be covering any new material. Instead, it will be used for problems which expand upon the stuff you will already know. Group work (30 minutes): you will be divided up into groups and given supplementary problems to work on together. Quiz (10 minutes): this is rather self-explanatory. There will be a weekly quiz
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Unformatted text preview: testing your knowledge of the material learned in class. Attendance: Those who arrive late or miss any signiFcant (as deemed by myself) portion of the hour will not be allowed to take the quiz and will receive a zero for that week. Cell Phones: These things are nasty little creatures. Be sure to silence your cell phones before coming to class and keep them silenced throughout the entirety of the period. If someone's cell phone gets caught going off, they will be obligated to bring cookies for the class the following week as restitution. Academic Integrity: Don't cheat....
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