Spring 2005 Neurophysiology Section Exam (PGY 300)

Spring 2005 Neurophysiology Section Exam (PGY 300) - PGY...

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PGY 300 Section Exam Spring 2005 1. The central nervous system consists of: a) brain and autonomic nerves b) brain and somatic nerves c) brain and spinal cord* d) brain, spinal cord, and somatic nerves e) brain, spinal cord, somatic and autonomic nerves 2. The membranes between the cranium and the brain are the: a) meninges* b) astrocyte feedfeet c) blood-brain barrier d) skull e) cerebrospinal gap junctions 3. In which of the following structures can afferent, sensory neurons be found? a) dorsal root ganglion* b) ventral root c) ascending tracts of the spinal cord d) descending tracts of the spinal cord e) corpus callosum 4. The medulla, in the brain stem, controls what type of functions a) short term memory b) eye movement c) walking d) involuntary functions such as blood pressure* e) higher thought processes 5. Destruction of Broca’s visual area would result in an individual with what deficit? a) unable to see b) unable to verbally describe what was seen* c) unable to remember what was seen d) unable to see the full scene e) unable to see if there is simultaneous talking 6. What gland is considered a modified sympathetic ganglion? a) pituitary b) thyroid c) thymus d) adrenal medulla* e) pineal
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7. The structure at the synapse that stores and releases neurotransmitter molecules is the: a) synaptic vesicle* b) calcium channel c) the synaptic cleft d) the action potential e) the initial segment 8. Which of the following currents will NOT cause a depolarization of the cell? a) sodium flowing into the cell
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Spring 2005 Neurophysiology Section Exam (PGY 300) - PGY...

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