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1 1. In experiments the independent variable is manipulated to determine: a. effects on the individual participants b. effect on the dependent variable * c. effects of certain stimuli d. relation to other variables 2. If we calculated an effect size and found it was r = .42 which expression would best describe the size of effect. a. small b. small-to-medium c. large d. medium-to-large* 3. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test can be used to test: a. Whether data are normally-distributed.* b. Whether group variances are equal. c. Whether scores are measured at the interval level. d. Whether group means differ. 4. The assumption of homogeneity of variance is met when: a. The variance in one group is twice as big as that of a different group. b. Variances in different groups are approximately equal.* c. The variance across groups is proportional to the means of those groups. d. The variance is the same as the inter-quartile range. 5. Levene’s test tests whether: a. Data are normally-distributed. b. The variances in different groups are equal.* c. The assumption of sphericity has been met. d. Group means differ.
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2 6. In a one-way ANOVA problem, which of the following is an estimate of the variance of individual measurements (after the treatment effects have been accounted for)? a. MS(between) b. MS(within)* c. MS(total) d. none of the above 7. Consider this graph. What is shown in the graph? a.
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example%20questions%20for%20midterm_ANSWER - 1 In...

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