essay.08(2) - Radcliff/W08 HIEU 151 History of Modern Spain...

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Radcliff/W08 HIEU 151 History of Modern Spain Essay Assignment Listed below is a selection of monographs (specialized research studies), grouped according to general themes and/or key players which have been/will be identified in lectures. Following your topical interests, pick one book and write an essay that uses the specific information from the book to explore the larger theme or actor in the narrative of Modern Spanish history as developed in the course. Thus, the essay should utilize frameworks, debates, and/or questions raised in lectures and/or required course readings to draw out the larger significance of the monograph. The result should not be simply a book review (this book is about x), but a discussion of an aspect of modern Spanish history (the Liberal Revolution, the role of the Church or the Military, the 2 Spains, etc.) that integrates the knowledge you've collected from a variety of sources. If you want to choose a book not on the list, you must clear it with me. If you want to read a book in Spanish, I can give you many more suggestions. In any case, I encourage (but do not require) everyone to discuss the paper with me, either in regular office hours or at a scheduled appointment. Paragraph DUE February 7 : To stimulate early selection of a book and make sure everyone is on track, you must turn in a book title and a short paragraph describing the theme you want to explore in your paper. This paragraph will NOT be graded, but your final essay will be docked 10% if you do not turn it in. ESSAY DUE IN CLASS on February 28
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This note was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course HIEU 151 taught by Professor Radcliff during the Spring '08 term at UCSD.

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essay.08(2) - Radcliff/W08 HIEU 151 History of Modern Spain...

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