The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution - The Industrial Revolution I The...

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The Industrial Revolution I. The Origins of the Industrial Revolution The Agricultural Revolution : Enclosure movement - practice of fencing of enclosing common lands into individual holdings. Crop rotation - the practice of alternating crops of different kinds to preserve soil fertility. Factors of Production : Factors of production - basic resource necessary for industrialization, such as land, capital, and labor. The Textile Industry : Mechanization- use of automatic machinery to increase production. Domestic system- method of production in which work is done in homes rather than in a shop of factory. New inventions- Factory system- production of goods in a factory through the use of machines and a large number of workers. Effects of mechanization- Steam Engines : Iron and Steel : Bessemer process - method of making steel that involves the forcing of air through molten iron to burn off carbon and other impurities. Industrialization in Other Fields : Transportation : Roads and canals- Railroads and steamboats - The Communications Revolution : The Spread of Industry : II. The Factory System The Effect of Machines on Work: The Wages System: Factory Rules and Regulations :
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Living conditions of Workers: The Development of the Middle Class: The Effect of Industrialization on Women’s Lives : Working-class women- Middle-class women - III. New Methods and Business Organizations Capitalism - economic system in which private individuals rather than the government control the factors of production. Commercial capitalism
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The Industrial Revolution - The Industrial Revolution I The...

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