A New Era, The 1920s

A New Era, The 1920s - A New Era: The 1920s Republican...

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A New Era: The 1920s Republican Control 1. Business Doctrine a. Return of the old-guard (conservative) Republicans 2. The Presidency of Warren Harding a. A Few Good Choices i. Charles Evans Hughes as Secretary of State ii. Herbert Hoover as Secretary of Commerce iii. Andrew Mellon as Secretary of the Treasury iv. Former President William Howard Taft as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court b. Domestic Policy i. A reduction in the income tax ii. An increase in tariff rates under the Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act of 1922 iii. Establishment of the Bureau of the Budget, with procedures for all government expenditures to be placed in a single budget for Congress to review and vote on c. Scandals and Death 3. The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge a. He was a man of few words who richly deserved the nickname “Silent Cal” b. Coolidge summarized both his presidency and his era in the phrase: “The business of America is business” c. The election of 1924 i. Republicans nominate Coolidge ii. Democrats nominate John W. Davis iii. Progressives nominate Robert La Follette iv. Coolidge wins easily d. Vetoes and Inaction i. Coolidge believed in limited government that stood aside while business conducted its own affairs 4. Hoover, Smith, and the Election of 1928 a. Coolidge declined to run for the presidency a second time b. Republicans nominate Herbert Hoover c. Democrats nominate Alfred E. Smith i. He did not appeal to Americans because he was a Roman Catholic d. Hoover won i. He suggested that poverty would soon be ended altogether Mixed Economic Development 1. The decade began with a brief postwar recession (1921), entered a lengthy period of business prosperity (1922-1928), and ended in economic disaster (October 1929) with the nation’s worst stock market crash 2. Causes of Business Prosperity
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a. Increased productivity b. Energy Technologies i. Oil was used to power factories and to provide gasoline for automobiles ii. Electric motors in factories and new appliances at home
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A New Era, The 1920s - A New Era: The 1920s Republican...

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