National Politics in the Gilded Age

National Politics in the Gilded Age - National Politics in...

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National Politics in the Gilded Age, 1877-1900 1. Politics in the Gilded Age a. Causes of Stalemate i. Causes 1. The prevailing political ideology of the time 2. Campaign tactics of the two parties 3. Party patronage ii. Belief in Limited Government 1. Popular ideas a. Laissez-faire economics b. Social Darwinism c. Federal courts narrowly interpreted the government’s powers to regulate business, and this limited the impact of the few regulatory laws that Congress did pass b. Presidential Politics i. Rutherford B. Hayes 1. Ended Reconstruction by withdrawing the last federal troops from the South 2. Attempted to reestablish honest government ii. James Garfield 1. More interested in spoils and patronage than reform 2. A deranged office seeker shot Garfield in the back 3. Arthur became president iii. Chester A. Arthur 1. Supported a bill reforming the civil service and approved the development of a modern American Navy c. Congressional Leaders i. Lawmakers of the Gilded Age typically had long but “nothing special” careers d. The Election of 1884 i. Republicans nominated Senator James G. Blaine ii. Democrats nominate Grover Cleveland iii. Cleveland becomes president e. Cleveland’s First Term i. Believed in frugal and limited government ii. Signed Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 1. Federal government’s first effort to regulate business iii. Signed Dawes Act 1. Benefited Native Americans f. Issues: Civil Service, Currency, and Tariffs i. Civil Service Reform 1. Pendleton Act of 1881 a. Set up the Civil Service Commission and created a system by which applicants for classified federal
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National Politics in the Gilded Age - National Politics in...

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