Life in the Industrial Age

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Life in the Industrial Age I. Advances in Technology and Communication : 1) The development and use of new sources of power 2) Inventions that provided rapid communications over long distances 3) The creation of new products and materials and the improvement of the old ones Electricity: -Michael Faraday- English scientist who found that by moving a magnet through a coil of wire he could generate an electric current in the wire. -Thomas Edison- Made a light bulb that lasted to days. He developed a successful central powerhouse and transmission system that was put into operation in New York City and London. Dynamo- electric generator Communications: -Alexander Gram Bell- Sent the human voice over a long distance by means of an electrical circuit. Bell, an American, patented the telephone in 1876. -Gulielmo Marconi- Italian inventor who invented instruments for sending and receiving radio waves. The Internal Combustion Engine: Automobiles - In 1893 Charles and Frank Duryea built the first successful gasoline-driven automobile in the U.S. Airplanes- Wilbur and Orville Wright succeeded in flying a powered air plane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903 Aerodynamics- principles governing the movement of air around and object II. Advances in Science and Medicine: Biological Science- sciences that deal with living organisms Physical Science- sciences concerned with the properties of energy and inanimate, or nonliving, matter Cell Theory in Biology: -Rudolf Virchow- German scientist who showed that disease in living organisms was caused by changes in the cell. Lamarck’s Theory of Inheritance : -Jean-Babtiste Lamarck- Thought living things changed their form in response to their environment. Evolution- the belief that organisms develop through change over time Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: -Darwin- published his theory of evolution in a book called On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.
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Life in the Industrial Age - 1 Life in the Industrial Age I...

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