Sectionalism - Sectionalism The North Two Parts - The...

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Sectionalism The North Two Parts - The Northeast, which included both New England and the Middle Atlantic states - The Old Northwest, which stretched from Ohio to Minnesota The Industrial Northeast - Organized Labor o Commonwealth v. Hunt Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that “peaceful unions” had the right to negotiate labor contracts with employers o North passed laws that established ten hour work days o Improvements limited by Periodic depressions Employers and courts that were hostile to unions An abundant supply of cheap immigrant labor - Urban life o North population grew from 5% to 15% by 1850 o Characteristics of large working-class neighborhoods Crowded housing Poor sanitations Infectious diseases High rates of crime - African Americans o 1% of northern population o 50% of freed African Americans o Were hired during strikes The Agricultural Northwest - States o Ohio o Indiana o Illinois o Michigan o Wisconsin o Minnesota - Tied to North by: o Military campaigns by federal troops that drove Native Americans from the land o The building of canals and railroads that established common markets between the Great Lakes and the East Coast - Agriculture o Large grain crops of corn and wheat
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o Hired few workers at harvest time o Farm families more efficient John Deere Steel plow Cyrus McCormick Mechanical reaper - New cities o Great Transportation o Near Great Lakes Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Chicago o Near big rivers
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Sectionalism - Sectionalism The North Two Parts - The...

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