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Survivalist Promethean Bradley Bartlett Writing Assignment #3: The Debate Feb. 13th 2008 (Opposition points to keep in mind) -Idea: “Continued economic and population growth will eventually hit limits set by the Earth’s stock of natural resources and the capacity of its ecosystems to support human agricultural and industrial activity” (Dryzek 15). -“Though shat not transgress the carrying capacity” (27). -The amount of humans is growing and the amount consumed per human is growing. -Anticipates misery, starvation, and death. -Hardin and “tragedy of the commons.” -Club of Rome/Limits to growth-showed capacity of ecosphere hit, leading to the collapse of industrial society and its population. -Metaphors: Spaceship Earth, Lily Pond, Cancer, fueling a running train headed for collision, virus. (Problems/Discourse) -Call for ubiquitous castigation of economic growth. -Conflict ranges from rivalry in access to the commons to struggle over scarce resources. -Relationships lead to conflict and hierarchy.
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