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Bedroom Farce paper topic - Bradley Bartlett Dennis Fox...

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Bradley Bartlett October 27, 2007 Dennis Fox Bedroom Farce Paper Topic Character: Nick Scene: The first introductory scene of Nick and Jan before Jan leaves helping Nick and goes to the party at Malcom and Kate's house. Actions and Objectives: This scene has several different "beats", each containing mostly different objectives and actions: Beat 1: The scene opens with Nick experiencing heavy pain from a muscle strain, which he makes quite apparent. His action here is whining and complaining not only for sympathy from Jan, but help and pampering as well. These complaints and whines about his injury have the objective of wanting comfort and care from Jan. Beat 2: Soon thereafter, in the next "beat" Nick's action shifts to making sure all of his office matters are taken care of. His main action/objective is making sure Jan takes care of his absence of work, which he achieves to an extent from Jan. He is very worried about his work, and judging from the fancy modern bedroom, he is probably of a high status in his job. Beat 3: After Nick's job matters are taken care of, Jan tells Nick that she is planning to go to the party with Susanna and Trevor. Nick's action/objective changes here to him wanting Jan to stay and take care of him. His motives behind this are that not only does he want to be taken care of, but he also doesn't like his wife around Trevor because she previously had a relationship with him.
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Bedroom Farce paper topic - Bradley Bartlett Dennis Fox...

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