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-1Rachel Packard Phil 393 2/24/08 The Relationship Between the Metaphysical and Ethical Notions in the Upanisads The metaphysical notions maintained by the authors of the Upanisads have a distinct connection to the ethical ideas which are also advocated. The correlation is not one which is causal or contributory, but rather one that creates a parallelism between the two sets of philosophies. If one recognizes the metaphysical concepts in the doctrines involving the nature of Atman and Brahman, then the ethical concepts become subsequently agreeable. The Upanisads focus greatly on the universal, eternal underlying soul of Brahman, and the interconnected self-soul, Atman. Brahman is the underlying, constant, and infinite reality of all beings and all matter, with a paradoxal nature. It is both personal and impersonal, manifest and hidden, great and minute. The authors stress that it is imperative that one reaches Brahman, much like an arrow meets a target. When one succeeds in doing so, when he knows Brahman as pure knowledge and as the same fabric
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