Anth.Exam3.Review - Anthropology Exam 3 Review "putting...

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"putting out" system : work was contracted by a central agent to subcontractors who completed the work in their own facility, usually their own home. a domestic system. 'work done at night'. the peasantry lower class must resort to working every waking hour. (ex. in the English textile, in small arms, and lock making trades as late as the 19th century) ( adaptive strategies : describe a society’s system of economic production. [Yehudi] COHEN argued that the most important reason for similarities between two (or more) unrelated societies is their possession of a similar adaptive strategy. In other words, similar economic causes have similar sociocultural effects. {five adaptive strategies: foraging, horticulture, agriculture, pastoralism, and industrialism} ( class consciousness : recognition of collective interests and personal identification with one's economic group---a vital part of Marx's view of class. (Kottak 11) Clifford GEERTZ : (religion) interpretism - system of symbols and a general order of existence. Communitas : (collective liminality) intense community spirit, a feeling of great social solidarity, equality, and togetherness; characteristic of people experiencing liminality together. [Victor TURNER updating Durkheim's notion] (Kottak 10) Conflict Resolution : roots of ethnic conflict. ..see chart. WST{core : geographic center initially. dominant groups--strongest and most powerful states w/ advanced system of production, more complex, technical goods, mechanized. WST{semi-periphery : structural position in the world system intermediate between core and periphery. WST{periphery : weakest structural position in the world. less advanced than core; i.e. 3rd world countries; source of raw materials & manual labor. a buffer for demands on core by workers (not in a position to argue). culture contact/culture change : a public policy term that emphasises the influence of cultural capital on individual and community behaviour. stresses the importance of understanding their social and cultural context. ( descent groups : a permanent social unit whose members claim common ancestry; fundamental to tribal society. 2 periods of Colonialism : 2nd period of colonialism 1870's global circumnavigation - savage people of virginland, take new territory for land, but maintaining that land was different and hard. deskilling of labor : corresponds to proletarianization. labor force becomes deskilled. the proletariat are landless people. control over wages are determined by the will of the burgeoisies. diaspora
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Anth.Exam3.Review - Anthropology Exam 3 Review "putting...

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