FCAS Lab # 1

FCAS Lab # 1 - I recently worked in an auto repair shop, I...

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improper uses of some really useful tools and some tools were used as a replacement for the right one. In this time of working at the repair shop I saw many minor injuries that could have been avoided if the tools were used properly. People often tend to think that rule doesnt matter or that doesnt apply to me, I know how to use a tool. Well I think about it this way, when you fly a plane do you say those checklists arent for me? Do you disregard safety procedures on the road while driving or even simple things like walking around? The answer should be no for most of us, I worked around too many banged knuckles and crushed fingers to make the same mistake. I thought the video (while generic) had some great points we should all adhere to daily. I think that people should consider the idea of other respects of their lives when considering safety in the shop. I always wore long clothes to the workplace and it saved me a few times from injury. Sometimes people are in a grove of working on something and they have a tool that could work slightly well on a project and they dont exactly know where the right tool is nor do they want to look for
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FCAS Lab # 1 - I recently worked in an auto repair shop, I...

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