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Unformatted text preview: 1961 CORE (Congress of Racial Equailty) SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee orgins in the sitin movement Feb 1960 Sit-in movement started in Greensboro, NC 4 NCa&T sophomoressitting in dorm.seem to slow downfrustrated movement has stalled. Why waiting? Skip class woolsworth lunch counter . dump ketchup and mustard on them (white men) Fisk in Nashvilleovernight Form backbone of SNCC Freedom Riders draws attention of the world to the south Reach Jackson Tougaloo college Woolworths on Captiol St. Store Manager closes store.later arrested (riders) sent to Parchman after refused to pay fines agitators black Mississippians dont want any part of this EMITT TILL, James Meredith Kosciusko (hometown) in AirForce during WWII June 1962 Federal court order UM to admit him. Gov. Ross Barnett invokes the idea of state nullification. Graduated in 1964 Columbia 66? Returns to MS that hes going to march and protest for Voting rightsMemphis to Columbia 66?...
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