Methods 1 - Methods 1 1-9-08 Overarching goal...

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Methods 1 1-9-08 Overarching goal of social studies is to creative an effective citizen 3 Types of Citizens Personally Responsible Pay Bills/Taxes Law Abiding Gainfully Employed Not Cheating the system Being informed Participatory Jury Duty Vote Lobby/Political Party Recycle Volunteer/Donate Join Military Run for Office Good Samaritarn Justice Oriented Right for everyone Social Justice Activist Civil Rights Make/Enforce Laws Peace Core Knowledge – Head – Reflective - Content Skills – Hand – Competent - How Dispositions – Heart – Caring - Concerned 1-16-08 Overarching Goals: To produce “good citizens” To produce informed, reasoned, responsible, effective citizens To provide students…. Citizenship Education Hands, Head, Heart metaphor 3 Types of Citizens Highlights of the History of Social Studies Ed Late 19 th /Early 20 th Century: Term Social Studies 1 st coined by Thomas Jesse Jones. It integrated study of history and social sciences 1912: The Committee convened by the National Education Association (NEA)
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Methods 1 - Methods 1 1-9-08 Overarching goal...

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