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Chapter 9 reading quiz 2

Chapter 9 reading quiz 2 - Selected Answer Agriculture...

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Chapter 9 reading quiz 2 In Chinese society, a person seeking to do business with strangers is likely to rely on which of the following to act on her or his behalf in such dealings? Selected Answer: Guarantor Correct Answer: Guarantor Question 2 1 of 1 points According to the textbook, which of the following customs explains the higher status of females among ancient native groups in China's far southeast? Selected Answer: A married man moves in with his bride's family after marriage. Correct Answer: A married man moves in with his bride's family after marriage. Question 3 1 of 1 points Which of the following categories represents the greatest use of water in China?
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Unformatted text preview: Selected Answer: Agriculture Correct Answer: Agriculture Question 4 1 of 1 points In which of the following countries have people suffered the most from massive crop failures due to environmental mismanagement, namely deforestation and soil degradation? Selected Answer: North Korea Correct Answer: North Korea Question 5 1 of 1 points Taiwan provides an illustration of how maintaining environmental quality is difficult under what conditions? Selected Answer: High population density Correct Answer: High population density...
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