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ENG101 Final Paper - 1 Sit Back Relax and Let the Fun Begin...

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Sit Back, Relax , and Let the Fun Begin Two hundred and twelve. This is the number of people Johny had to kill to get to the next mission. He saves his game and gets up to go to his room to do his math homework. He then eats dinner with his family and talks about his day. His mom tucks him into his bed, kisses him on the forehead and shortly after he falls asleep. In the morning he takes the school bus and meets up with his friends in the schoolyard before school. He talks about his cool new game and says they should come over after school to play it. This is a daily occurrence with thousands of children every day over the country. How many of you have heard your child ask you at a store for the new hip video game that just came out? Video games are one of the many things that kids are brought up with in their childhood and adolescence. My parents bought me video games during all of my childhood, as it was part of being a kid and having fun. Video games have always been seen by society as a pastime to relax and have fun. Video games have been around even when you were kids, with the famous Pac-man, Space Invaders, and Pong. All of these games provided entertainment and a good laugh whenever played. Why, now, all of a sudden, have people changed their minds about video games and begin to see them as dangerous because they believe it makes children more violent after they play them? Ninety percent of boys and forty percent of girls play video games on a regular basis while at the same time the rate of youth violence is decreasing (Jenkins). If according to your point of view, shouldn’t we see a huge increase of violence with such a big number of kids playing violent video games? The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide accurate and objective information 1
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about the content in computer and video games so you can make an informed purchase decision (Ratings Process). The video game rating system allows for both the children and parents to decide whether the game is appropriate for the age group they belong on. I agree with you that eleven year olds should not be playing Grand Theft Auto. It is your responsibility as parents to make sure your children are playing the appropriate games for their ages. The rating system provides a guideline to what games are suitable and which are not. If the rating system is respected and not disobeyed, then there is no reason to ban video games, as they only produce entertainment and relaxation for those who play them. This is why there is no reason video games should be banned. The whole structure behind video games, which consist of the rating system, how they are sold, and the actual games should remain the same way they are made and distributed today. If one looks at charts of youth violence over the past forty years, it is easy to notice a
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ENG101 Final Paper - 1 Sit Back Relax and Let the Fun Begin...

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