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Violent video games are fun and a part of growing up in this age. Audience 1 : They will be people that range from the age of 18 to 26, and play violent video games. They are in college and have an active social life. They have never committed any crimes or been convicted of anything. They just like to play violent video games in their spare time. Steady. Steady, and boom, the zombie falls to the ground, his guts spilling all over the floor. This of course is what a typical gamer does every single day. He uses his arsenal of weaponry to defend himself against some sort of enemy which is bound to kill him if he does not do something violent to it. Many people feel these games produce violence and increase the chance of kids and teens behaving in an aggressive manner. They want these games banned. This is nonsense. Have any of you ever done something more aggressive that you would not usually do? Like, for instance do a school shooting or knife another student at school.
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