exam4 - PSYC 1301(Dr Meissner EXAM#4 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 4...

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PSYC 1301 (Dr. Meissner) EXAM #4 -- STUDY GUIDE Chapter 4: * What are the three stages of prenatal development? *1) Germinal Stage - the first two weeks after conception - a process of cell division occurs in which the zygote splits into hundreds of cells within 4 days - this cluster of cells (zygote) move from the Fallopian tube into the uterus where they attach themselves to the uterine wall - the cells will form the muscles, bone, organs, etc. of the fetus *2) Embryonic Stage - from the third to ninth weeks - once the zygote is attached to the uterine wall, it is called an embryo - during this stage, the parts of the body begin to form and function (e.g. heart begins to beat) *3) Fetal Stage - from the ninth week to birth - the cartilage in the bones starts to harden and there is rapid growth of the brain, heart, lungs, genitals, and other internal organs and body parts - the fetus can squirm, open its eyes, suck its thumb, kick its legs, and curl its toes - by the seventh month, the key life-support systems are sufficiently developed so that the fetus can breathe, circulate blood, digest nutrients, etc. * Provide examples of hazards to the developing fetus? Teratogens; harmful agents such as certain viruses and drugs. - alcohol - cigarettes - cocaine
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- aspirin - marijuana - x-rays * What is a reflex? Be prepared to describe examples. Reflex; automatic, unlearned reactions to certain types of stimulation o grasping reflex o rooting reflex o sucking reflex o swallowing reflex *What is the method of habituation? Habituation
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exam4 - PSYC 1301(Dr Meissner EXAM#4 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 4...

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