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ENGL101 Comparison Paper - Hybrid cars have become a big...

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Hybrid cars have become a big issue in today’s world. Whether they are actually economically feasible and better for the environment has been an ongoing discussion for the past few years. Brock Yates and Bradley Berman have two very different views on hybrid cars. In Hybrid Issues , Brock Yates tries to argue why hybrid cars should not be driven. He believes that hybrids are a waste of money and that they are not more environmental friendly compared to regular gasoline engines, contrary to popular belief. Whereas in The Myths Behind Hybrids , Bradley Berman states the common misconceptions about hybrids and tells us why they are false. He believes hybrid cars are great and should be adopted as new vehicles as soon as possible. Both writers use many techniques of argument to get through to their audience. This paper will analyze the use of ethos, pathos, logos and the four common topics and see which article was more successful at convincing its audience. There is not much extrinsic ethos for Yates. In the 1980’s he organized a race from New York to Los Angeles to protest the fifty five miles per hour limit. Most people, unless interested in racing and cars have never heard of him so it could make his arguments less effective and have less credibility. And even if they do know him, the audience might think he is biased against hybrids, since all race cars have gasoline engines. He isn’t very effective using intrinsic ethos either. He doesn’t use any complex terms that might make him sound like an expert and he talks in a very casual way and uses expressions such as “let’s jump ugly” or “until rogue asteroids clean us all out” which make him sound more like someone with an opinion rather then an expert. On the other hand Bradley Berman is a well known author concerning hybrid cars. He is the editor of www.hybridcars.com and writes about hybrid cars for Business Week, the New York Times, and other publications. CBS News, ABC News, and CNBC frequently 1
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quote him and his articles. Anyone interested in buying a hybrid car would have most definitely heard of him. This gives him a great advantage while arguing his point because he is a well known credible source on this topic. We can tell a bit more of his extrinsic ethos because his article is located in the Business Week Online; an online magazine millions of people read each week. He does not have a very convincing and powerful intrinsic ethos. He writes in a casual fashion, easy to read and comprehensible. If the reader did not know who Bradley Berman is then he would not sound very convincing. Yates uses pathos in the last paragraph of his article.
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ENGL101 Comparison Paper - Hybrid cars have become a big...

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