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1BMS 302 Honors Name_________________________________ Experiment #6 Group # _________ Spring 2008 Vander text (11 th ): pages 208-213, 227, 228 (Review Experiment #4) Case Study A forty-two year old patient previously diagnosed with myopia and astigmatism is seen by his optometrist complaining that although his distance vision seems okay, he is having problems reading with his glasses. He states that he has no difficulty reading if he takes his glasses off. The optometrist notes the patient’s myopia and astigmatism have not changed, but his near point has progressed from 18 cm at his last check-up to 25 cm now. The patient is given a thorough exam, which includes dilating his pupils with drops (atropine) so the retina can be more easily examined. Immediately following the exam, the patient is concerned because even his near vision now seems even more impaired and his eyes are very light sensitive. Q1.
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