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Assignment%2007_table - still born child and why the first...

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1BMS 302 Honors Name_________________________________ Experiment #7 Group # _________ Spring 2008 Vander text (11 th ): pages 646-648, 651-652, 654-660, 664-667, 672-673 Case Study A Rh negative, pregnant female (ABO Type A) presented to a major medical center for possible Rh immunization. This female had six previous pregnancies, including, four live births, and two stillborn infants. Because of poor prenatal care, the Rh immune globulin (RhoGam) was only administered following the first two pregnancies. After much laboratory testing and treatment, this seventh pregnancy also ended in fetal death. Pregnancy Result Child’s Blood Type Comment 1 st live birth A pos RhoGam given 2nd live birth O pos RhoGam given 3rd live birth B pos 4th live birth with HDN AB pos 5th live birth A neg 6th still born O pos 7 th (current) still born A pos Q1. Use the Rh blood type for each child and explain the cause of death for each
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Unformatted text preview: still born child and why the first, second, third and fifth infants survived. Why did Child #4 have Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (HDN)? Make a Table for your explanations. [9 points] [9 points] A1: Attach table. Q2. Would the administration of RhoGam following more than the first two pregnancies have made a difference in the outcomes of pregnancies 4, 6, and 7? Explain. Would it have been necessary following all the pregnancies? Why or why not? [4 points] [4 points] A2: Q3. Assuming all infants have the same father, what is his ABO and Rh blood type? Give the genotype for his ABO and Rh type. Explain how you arrive at your conclusion. [5 points] A3: Q4. What is the one other way in which an individual can become immunized to the Rh antigen? [2 points] A4:...
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