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SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDY GUIDE MIDTERM 3, DR. ASHLYN Note: Although most of the following concepts are either in class lecture outlines or in your text, a few may have only be discussed in lecture and may not be in the outlines or your text. If you missed a lecture and can't find some of the following concepts in your outlines/notes/text, that is probably the reason. Your instructor cannot email you or recount that material in person. In essence, if you miss a lecture for any reason, it is up to you to find out specific material that you missed (e.g., from another student, etc.). When an asterisk '*' appears in the right columns below, it means that the key to understanding that particular concept in the study guide is to study the information pertaining to it that is found in both the course text and the lecture outlines, especially the source preceding the asterisk. Concepts to know : Ch. 12/Altruism Concept Source Cheating in school: differences between cheaters and noncheaters Lecture
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