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Sheet1 Page 1 Yalta Agreement 1. Who were the parties to the Yalta Agreement? The Yalta Agreement was between the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. 2. What nations were to take part in the conference to organize the United Nations? 2 The nations to take part in the conference were the United Nations, the eight Associated Nations, and Turkey. 3.What were the stated goals for reorganizing the governments of Europe as they were liberated from the Nazis? 3 The goals were to do away with nazism and fascism and for the people to choose a government in which they will live under. A 4.What specific obligations did the three powers assume for reorganizing the governments and bringing relief? 4 While reorganizing the governments, the three powers had obligations of consulting together on the measure necessary to dis c 5.What provisions did the agreement make for reorganizing Germany after the war?
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Unformatted text preview: 5 After the war, Germany would be completely dismemberment in order to create more security in the future. Germany would al s 6.What provisions were made for reparations? What country would benefit most from reparations? The provisions that were made were that Germany had to pay for the losses that it cause in the war. All of the equipment, ship s 7.How did theagreement stipulate that the government of Poland was to be reorganized? There would b e a new government created called the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity. They would hold free a 8. What agreements were made with regard to Japan and its occupied territories? The agreement that was made was that Outer Mongolia would be preserved and the Kurile Islands will be give to the Soviet U...
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