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Syllabus HSY 101 [ENTER SECTION NO HERE] SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY I Instructor: Phone: Office: E-mail: Office Hours: Distance Learning Coordinator: [Type Coordinator’s name here] [Type Coordinator’s email here] PREREQUISITES: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of “C” or better in ENG 025 Introduction to College Writing II and ENG 032 Reading Strategies for College II DIVISION: General Education PROGRAM: General Education CREDIT HOURS: 3 VIRTUAL CONTACT HOURS : Equivalent to Classroom: 3 hours DATE OF LAST REVISION: Summer 2005 EFFECTIVE DATE OF THIS REVISION: Fall 2007 CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Covers major themes and events in history including exploration of the New World; the colonial period; causes and results of the American Revolution; the development of the federal system of government; the growth of democracy; early popular American culture; territorial expansion; slavery and its effect; reform movements, sectionalism; causes and effects of the Civil War. MAJOR COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to: 1. Identify the principal features of the periods of United States History and determine their significance. 2. Analyze the effect of the geography and ecology of the continent on the roots of American Civilization. 3. Examine the on-going encounters among European, African and American Indian cultures. 4. Describe the role of religion in American life in relation to spiritual awakenings, denominational diversity, reform movements, and family life from earliest time through the Civil War. 5. Describe the forging of American nationalism from the Revolutionary Era through Reconstruction. 6. Trace the rise of democratic politics and the emergence of a mass party system from the Federalist Period through the Jacksonian Era. 7. Examine the transformation of American society from rural agriculture to urban industrial culture. 8. Analyze the emerging crises of slavery and sectionalism culminating in the Civil War and Reconstruction. 9. Reflect on historical issues and themes and form coherent, defensible opinions about them.
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COURSE CONTENT: Topical areas of study include: First Americans European exploration and colonization The American Colonies The Developing New Nation The Revolutionary War Era The Reform Movements Westward expansion Jacksonian Era Slavery and the impending crisis The Civil War Reconstruction REQUIRED TEXT AND MATERIALS: Gary B. Nash and Julie R. Jeffrey. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society . Brief Fifth Edition. Volume 1 To 1877 (Longman, 2006). ISBN 0-321-31641-X Selected online readings are listed in the Weekly Sessions Folders and in the Resources folder HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR TEXTBOOK: Students will be required to purchase the book only via the a Statewide Online bookstore. The website for ordering through the Statewide Online Store is : http://bookstore.ivytech.edu . Instructions are available at the website.
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HSY101Syllabus073 - Syllabus HSY 101[ENTER SECTION NO HERE...

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