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History Two Exam Three 3-7-08 Battle of Verdun February-December 1916 -French failed to man their fortresses last time and Prussia took over France -Germany wanted to weaken French forces -Verdun was again poorly defend, Verdun was very important to the French -Germans begin to move in around it and started to building trenches, machine guns, and artillery -Germans launched assault on February 21 -Started a 9 hour artillery strike and shoot over 1 million rounds -French were caught completely off guard, they moved troops into Verdun to make Germans stop -Germans will use, incendiary shells, flame-throwers, and storm troops -They maintained frontal assault for months and then moved onto their flanks -French were died like crazy from February to October -They counterattacked and turned the tables on the Germans
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Unformatted text preview: -By December German losses are so hight they they think about quitting the battle Causalities-France-478,000-Germany-201,00 Total-679,200 Battle of Somme July-November 1916-July 1 1916 Allies launch assault on German lines at the Somme River with 24 allied divisions-First day Britain lost 57,000 men-They attack beings with the Hawthorn Mine explosion-British dug a hole and loaded it with explosives and blew it up-First battle to be caught on film-Germans will retreated to second line and third lines of defense-Allies failed to reach their objective, battle went on into November Causalities British-419,654 French-204,253 Germany-630,000 Total-1,253,907-First battle to have 1 million plus death and nothing was gained...
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