History Two Exam Three 2-29-08

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History Two Exam Three 2-29-08 The Age of Greatness -Titanic was the largest moving man made thing ever -1895-1914 industrialized world went into a period of economic expansion -People started to worship wealth in Europe and United States -Biltmore was “built” to show off the finer things -George Bulimore built to show off to his brothers -1897 England will celebrate 60 years of Queen Victorias reign -Englishmen started to take stock in the fact that they were badass empire makers -She died in 1901 after 63 years -She had the title of Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India -An indomitable spirit was found everywhere in the industrialized world
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Unformatted text preview: -Nothing was beyond peoples grasps-Passenger liners to department stores displayed the limitless possibilities of the age-Militarism and Nationalism was very popular-Roosevlets Great White Fleet, a squad of white battleships traveled around the world to show their presence-At the height Germany, France, Italy, British Empires dominated the world Golden Twilight of Monarchy-Edward VII had affairs with everybody's wife-He was related to the King of Russia, Kaiser Wilhem II-He wanted Germany to be like Britain Russia Isar Nicholas II-Didnt want to be tsar, he was the master of everybody in Russia-Devoted father...
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