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History Two Exam Three 3-3-08 World War I 1914-1918 Modernism -Friedrich Nietzhce said “All gods are dead” -The arts rejected Bourgeois values -Realism and Pcassos-Cubism -Vishnevskey Andrey-Modernism -Social critics and politicians started to promote war because of the decaying of society -It was suppose to get Europe back on track The Alliance System -Triple Alliance-German Empire, Austro-Hugarian Empire, Italy(until 1915), Ottoman Turkish Empire(1915) -Also known as the Central Powers -Triples Entente -Came from france fearing that Germany would attack them again -Consisted of: France, Russia, Great Britain, Italy(after 1915), United States(after 1917) -The alliance systems were military pacs where each member agreed to come to the aid of other countries -The system coincided with military technology and stragiety -Railroads, trench works, super artillery, poison gas
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Unformatted text preview: Europe on the Brink-Summer 1914-Extreme Nationalism/Chavishish in every country-Political Antagonism over imperialism-Pan-Slavism-like nationalism something something-Militarism-it was honorable to serve the countries army-Assignation is what started it Bad Idea-June 28 1914 Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife arrive in Saragevo for a state vist-Motorcade takes off and someone throws a bomb at it but they continue to city hall-When they leave Garilo Princip 19 year old that was member of the Young Serbia, killed the duke and his wife-Fired 2 shots-Vienna took this as an opportunity to make war with Servia-Austria-Hungary issued the July Ultimatum-Made Serbia to allow Austrian officials to conduct investigation on the assination-Serbia refused and mobilized its troops on July 29, 1914-Austria then began to sell the city of Belgrade...
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