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History 2 Notes Exam Two 2-22-08 - and Colenso-The Boers...

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History Two Exam Two 2-22-08 The Boer War 1899-1902 -Up until 1899 British had only seen colonial wars that were small -October 11 1899 the war started -On October 20 1899 Commandant(general) Lucas Mayer were attack at Dundee in Natal, he had the artilery -General Penn Symons sent to secure Dundee, his forces were destroyed by Mayer -He tried to rush the Talana Hill and was completely screwed -Within days Mayer meets up with his Superior Piet Joubert and they pushed to Ladysmith -They came across General Sir George Whites who had 5,500 men -After Ladysmith falls to the Boers, they move onto Kimerly and Mafeking -British General Sir Redvers Buller was sent to Africa to bring reinforcements -He divided his units up and set them on different ways -His decision to divid up troops, not understanding Boers tactics, and trench fire resulted in a complete disaster - “Black Week” December 10-15 all British Troops met with huge defeat in Magerfontein, Stormberg,
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Unformatted text preview: and Colenso-The Boers used the “Long Tom” which could throw a shell 50 miles, they also used the Mauser Rifle that had a 10 round clip-The technology and terrain gave the Boers a huge advantage-Because Buller was doing so bad he was replace by Field Marshal Fredrick Roberts-Roberts came with new troops in 1900 and started to win and started to relief the garrisoned British troops-Then Buller lifted siege on Ladysmith in February 1900 both of which started British on the offensive-British converted naval guns called the “Joe Chamerlain” to counter the Long Tom-They then moved towards the Orange Free State taking the capital and then into Transvaal taking Pretoria and Johannesbury-Roberts and Buller combined forces and pushed Kruger into Mozambique-British though war was over but the Boers started Gorilla Warefare-The campaign was led by Louis Botha and Christian de Wett-Costly for British-Peace happened in may 1902...
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