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History Two Exam Two 2-15-08 Contrasting Images -David Livingstones 1813-1873 -Cecil Rhodes 1853-1902 Livingstone -Born in Scotland in 1813 and worked as in a local cotton mill as a boy -His family was very poor but they were devoted christians -David liked to read and was interested in science -He studied medicine in London -Studied it so he could use it for mission trips -Went to South Africa and then on his own missions -He wanted a close relationship with the African - “Christianity, Commerce, Civilization” was his moto -He wanted to spread christianity and commerce in Africa -Livingstone hated the slave traded, called it “The Open sore of Africa” -He will have explored most of Central Africa -Identified the source of the Nile river and maps lakes throughout
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Unformatted text preview: -Livingstones life helped shape British Imperialism-He had 6 children that he didnt know and a wife that died of malaria-Livingstone died of Malaria and dysentery in Zambia in 1873 Rhodes-Born in England 1853 his father was a Anglican Vicar-As a young man he was always sick-He was sent to South Africa to live with his brother-They established a fruit farm-Though Cecil left to the diamond fields in Africa-He monopolized the diamond industry-Formed De Beers Diamonds and employeed african labor The Boer War-Rhodes instigates Boer War 1899-1902-British wanted the gold n Africa Witwatersrand-45k Boers held off 500k British soliders-Rhodes personally colonized Rhodish-Rhodes was held up as a model of British imperialism-Exploited Africa and Africans...
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