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History Two Exam Two 2-20-08 South Africa and the Boer War -1652 Dutch settlers(Boers) there colony was the Cape colony and the whole society structure was completely slave based -In the early 19 th century the British took it over -British became aggressive and started to impose laws on people, they abolished slavery as well -That lead to the Great Treks of 1836, when Dutch settlers were pissed at them so they began to move North -They ran into locals and began wars with them -Battle of Blood River(Zulu Nation) 1838-pitted a handful of Dutch against 10k Africans(Foretrekers)-who were doing the same thing as the Great Trekers -In Natal 1839 a series of battles broke out between them -British and Boer competition increased and Britain annexed Natal in 1845 -Orange Free State 1854 and Transval 1852 is where the Boers set out to Discovery of Diamonds and Gold 1860s -It was an economic boom for the Orange Free State and Transval -Only Boers were allowed to vote which was done to try and keep the government stable
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