History 2 Notes 1-18-07

History 2 Notes 1-18-07 - 1-18-08French Revolution...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-18-08French Revolution Continued -Revolution stripped the RCC of most of its power-RCC owned most of the land in France-In December 1789 the Assembly took the RCCs lands-1790 Assembly abolished the right to dime- a tithe tax that whey collected from peasants-Assembly issued Assignats-new form of paper currency that was based on former RCC lands-Feb 1790 Assembly abolished monastic vows-The Assembly made the Civil Constitution of the Clergyin July 1790 which made the Clergy employees of the state and the church was made a department of the overall government-The Assembly made the Clergy swear to the civil constitution if they wanted to be priest-Those who swore became known as Jurors or Constitutional Priest, those who didnt were non-Jurors or Refractory Priests-Tensions would become between the two groups, the Pope would denounce the Priest who swore to it-1790 Radicals in the National Assembly were taking greater power-Members of the Assembly debated on what to do with the monarchy-Keep it or go to a republic...
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History 2 Notes 1-18-07 - 1-18-08French Revolution...

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